Physical Education

The staff of School Eoin completed the Active School Flag (ASF) evaluation document in October 2018 for Physical Education and we submitted our findings online in October 2018. We collated this information which allowed us to analyse our current performance in the area of Physical Education, recognising areas of strength and identifying areas in need of improvement.

Here in Scoil Eoin all pupils have 60 minutes of timetabled PE per week where over the school year all classes are taught at least 5 of the PE strands.

  • Athletics
  • Aquatics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Outdoor and Adventure.

Our school PE plan ensures that a balanced amount of time is allocated to the different PE Strands. We also ensure that all PE activities are inclusive and accessible to all pupils.

The staff of Scoil Eoin discuss a child’s progress in PE at yearly PT meetings and feedback is included in the annual school report.

Continuing Professional Development in the area of PE is undertaken by the staff of Scoil Eoin. During 2018/2019, Ms Finn and Ms Johnson attended the Move Well, Move Often PDST Seminars which were held in Dunmanway. 

In Scoil Eoin we have a whole school PE plan which is displayed on our Active School Notice Board. Each teacher also has a copy of our whole school PE plan.

We have chosen Gymnastics as our priority strand for further development. In June 2018 all pupils had 3 sessions of gymnastics with Ms Finn. In June 2019 all pupils will have 3/4 sessions of gymnastics with Ms Finn, revising skills learned last year and learning new skills also.

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Each teacher in Scoil Eoin has the PSSI lesson plans to guide and enhance their delivery of the PE Curriculum.

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The Active Schools Committee carried out an audit of our PE equipment, old or broken equipment was thrown away. New PE equipment was ordered to ensure pupils in Scoil Eoin experience a wide range of PE activities. Our PE store room was cleaned and all equipment organised into clearly labelled boxes. The 6th class Active Schools Committee members check and make sure that the store room is kept clean and organised every Friday evening. They also ensure that the equipment needed for active playgrounds is ready for each yard. 

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 As a renewal school we have introduce active homework this year in which pupils are given active homework on their scheduled PE days. Activities include 10 minutes walking, cycling, running, jumping on a trampoline or 20 star jumps, high knees and squats.

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 In May all class teachers will use the PAWS Water Safety Programmes to teach water safety to each class. All teachers found the programme very useful last year,

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All classes are taught 5 different PE strands each year.

PE curriculum strands and strand units Photo


The strand units of the athletics curriculum include:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Throwing
  • Understanding and appreciation of athletics


The strand units of the Aquatics curriculum include:

  • Hygiene
  • Water safety
  • Entry to and exit from the water
  • Buoyancy and propulsion
  • Stroke development
  • Water-based ball games
  • Understanding and appreciation of aquatics

All classes learn about Water safety and the PAWS programme is taught in the school.

Pupils in 2nd class attend 8 sessions of swimming lessons between the months of September to November. Each level including Beginners, Improvers and Advanced are catered for by a team of swimming instructors at Leisure World Bishopstown.  


The strand units of the Gymnastics curriculum include:

  • Movement
  • Understanding and appreciation of Gymnastics


The strand units of the Games curriculum include:

  • Sending, receiving and travelling
  • Creating and playing games
  • Understanding and appreciation of games

Outdoor and Adventure

The strand units of the Outdoor and Adventure curriculum include:

  • Walking
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor Challenges
  • Understanding and appreciation of outdoor and adventure activities

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