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St. Mary's Church,with it's gothic architectural features,was built between 1810 and 1826, on a hill behind the village of Innishannon. The land was part of the Frewen Estate. It was given by the local landlord,Edward Hale Adderley, who,as the story goes,shortly afterwards had a change of heart about his generosity. Before he could change his mind the parish priest ,Fr. Cohalan,buried the first four corpses at his church in the four corners of the site.The church was built by local tradesmen, under the direction of Fr. Field (plaque erected at rear of church). The church was built without a steeple; this was commenced about 50 years afterwards.The spire came from St. Lukes Church in Cork.It was bought by Cannon Holland P.P.for £250.Stone by stone was numbered, taken down and brought the 16 mile journey to Innishannon village and erected again. Its beautiful stained glass window was shipped from Germany. 

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