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As part of the school's education programme, we will offer pupils supervised access to the internet. This will allow pupils vast educational opportunities by helping them for example, locate material for projects, communicate with students from different cultures, become independent in controlling their own research and become independent learners.


While we as educationalists recognise the value of the internet as a resource, we must also acknowledge the potential risks. We feel that the answer is not to ban the use of the internet in school but to teach pupils to recognise the risks and to become Internet wise.


This process is the responsibility of the school and the parent/guardian.


Internet Usage Statement

Educationalists believe in the benefits of Curriculum Internet use. The purpose of this AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) is to ensure that pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school's internet resources, and will be protected from harmful and illegal use of the internet. 


School's Strategy:

Scoil Eoin is connected to the Schools' Broadband Scheme which is controlled by HeaNET. This is a tightly controlled medium of broadband delivery and is centrally monitored and filtered. Certain sites such as Social Networking Sites are blocked while search facilities are restricted and may only be unblocked on request by the Principal of the School. In addition to the above, the school will employ a number of strategies to maximise learning opportunities and reduce risks associated with the internet.


These strategies are as follows: 

1. Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

2. Education

3. Monitoring 



If a pupil deliberately attempts to misuse the Internet or Email, this will result in disciplinary action including the withdrawal of access privileges. Parents/guardians will receive written notification of misuse by a pupil.

Scoil Eoin aims to educate pupils on the safe, responsible use of the Internet. 21st Century life presents dangers including violence, racism and exploitation from which children and young people need to be protected. At the same time they need to learn to recognise and avoid these risks - to become internet wise. 


The Department of Education and Science strongly encourages schools to set up websites in line with best international educational practice. Our school website serves a number of purposes:

1. To showcase the facilities and work of our school in as transparent a manner as possible.

2. To facilitate the dissemination of information to parents and the wider community.

3. To facilitate parents in the modern busy working environment to access relevant information and templates regarding school events, school calendar, booklists, absence notes templates, enrolment applications forms, permission slips etc.

4. Sometimes the website may be used to showcase children's work: in the current age of technology and social websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it is imperative that pupils are taught awareness of this media and in exposing them to this at Primary School level, they will learn the appropriate use, advantages and dangers of such public fora. This will only be published in line with the school's website Acceptable Usage Policy (attached) with the express permission of the students, parents and guardians.

5. To highlight exciting events during the school year.

6. To facilitate the work of the Board of Management.


Acceptable Usage Policy for Internet

1. Internet will be used for Educational Purposes only.

2. Internet sessions will always be supervised by a teacher.

3. Pupils will seek permission before entering any internet site, unless previously approved by a teacher.

4. Search engines will be set for "Safe Searching".

5. The school will regularly monitor pupils' internet usage.

6. Pupils will receive training in the area of Internet Safety.

7. Pupils will be taught to evaluate the content of Internet sites including the fact that the internet is an unregulated medium.

8. Teachers will be made aware of Internet safety issues.

9. Uploading and downloading of non-approved material is banned.

10. Virus protection software will be used and updated on a regular basis.

11. The use of external storage devices such DVD's, CD-ROMS, USB pens or other digital storage media in school requires a teacher's permission. Pupils may not bring downloaded music or any other material into school on an external device without expressed permission of the teacher or Principal.

12.Pupils and staff will observe good 'netiquette' (etiquette on the internet) at all times and will not undertake any action that may bring the school into disrepute. Social  Networking sites must not be used outside of school in a manner which brings the school into disrepute or intimidates any pupil, teacher, staff member or any of the educational partners in Scoil Eoin. If pupils are allowed to use email, the following rules will apply:

(a) Email will be used in school for Educational purposes only.

(b) Students will only use approved class email accounts under supervision by or permission from a teacher.

(c) Pupils will not send or receive any material that is illegal, obscene, defamatory or that is intended to annoy or intimidate another person.

(d) Pupils will not send text messages to or from school email.

(e) Pupils will not reveal their own or other people's personal details e.g. addresses, telephone numbers or pictures via school email.

(f) Pupils will never arrange to meet someone via school email.

(g) Sending or receiving email attachments is subject to teacher permission.

(h) Email and social media platforms must not be used outside of school in a manner which brings the school into disrepute or intimidates any teacher, staff member, pupil or any of the educational partners in Scoil Eoin. Internet Chat: Students are not permitted to use Internet Chat Rooms.


Acceptable Usage Policy for Scoil Eoin Website  

1. Personal pupil information, home addresses and contact details will not be published on the school website.

2. Class lists will not be published.

3. Pupils full names will not be published beside their photograph.

4. Digital photographs, video clips and audio clips will mainly focus on groups and group activities rather than on individuals.

5. Pupils may be given an opportunity to publish projects, artwork or school work on the school website.

6. Teachers will select work to be published and decide on the appropriateness of such.

7. Permission to publish a student's work will be sought from pupils' parents/ guardians at enrolment. Parents may withdraw this permission at any time by notifying the school in writing.

8. Pupils will continue to own the copyright on any work published.


Personal Devices

1. Children are not allowed to use mobile phones or electronic games during school hours.

2. Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones or electronic games into school.

3. Children who need to contact home during school hours may do so using the school phone.

4. All electronic gadgets are banned.

5. Any pupil who brings a mobile phone or electronic game to school risks having it confiscated and not returned until the school day is over.

6. Pupils using their own technology in school, such as leaving a mobile turned on or using it in class, sending nuisance text messages or the unauthorised taking of an image with a mobile phone camera, still or moving, are in direct breach of the school's Acceptable Usage Policy.




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