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    Relationships & Sexuality Education Policy


Scoil Eoin, Innishannon


School Philosophy.

1.      The school will seek to communicate the Christian vision of human life and human relationships.


2.      The school recognises that, in the area of R.S.E. its role is subsidiary to that of parents.


3.      It will reflect the school’s spirit of respect and tolerance of all families and children in an inclusive and Christian manner.


4.      The dignity, privacy and modesty of each individual child and family will always be respected.



        R.S.E. is part of Social, Personal and Health Education. It provides a cross-curricular structured programme, which addresses the needs of the whole child. It provides children with structured opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practical skills needed to establish and sustain healthy personal relationships as children and, subsequently as adults. It specifically addresses growth, development, relationships with others, development of self-esteem, the meaning of human sexuality, relevant personal and social skills.


 Aims of R.S.E. Programme.


  • R.S.E. aims to help children learn, at home and at school, about their own development and about their friendships and relationships with others.
  • To foster in the child a sense of care and respect for oneself and others and an appreciation of the dignity of every human being by:
  • 1.      Developing a good self-image.
  • 2.      Promoting respect for oneself and others.
  • 3.      Fostering a healthy attitude to human sexuality.
  • 4.      Providing the children with age-appropriate information


  • To develop all aspects of the individual, including the aesthetic, creative, critical, cultural, emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, social and spiritual development for personal and family life, for working life, for living in the community and for leisure.


Teaching Strategies.


The R.S.E. programme will be facilitated in three ways within the school:

  • In the context of a positive school climate and atmosphere.
  • As part of a timetabled S.P.H.E. Programme.
  • On an integrated cross-curricular basis.


A wide variety of teaching strategies will be used:

Stories and poems                              Role-play

Classroom discussion                         Educational drama

Group work.                                       D.V.D.s

Games.                                                Quiet time.

Art activities.                                       Visitors to the classroom


  • Guest speakers invited in to assist in certain areas


How the school will provide RSE:


(a) The R.S.E. Programme will be drawn from the following sources:


  • The Alive-O religion  programme
  • The Grow in Love religion programme
  • The Stay Safe programme
  • The North Western Health  Board  and RSE Programme
  • Stop, Think, Do Programme
  • Zippy’s Friends


(b) By integration, on a cross curricular basis.

            ie. English, maths, environmental study, music, drama, art.


(c) By the creation of a positive school climate and atmosphere.


The organisation and management of RSE in this school


  • The school will deliver the RSE programme as outlined above.


  • Occasionally the school may invite speakers into the school to teach certain aspects of this programme.


 How the RSE policy was drafted:


This policy was drawn up by the RSE Policy Committee (Two members of the Board of management, two parents and two teachers).

The policy has been sanctioned by the Board of Management.



-          Different needs of children

-          Linkage and integration – RSE as part of SPHE will be integrated into other curricular subjects.

-          Time allocation – Half hour per week (as part of SPHE).

-          Invitation of guest speakers.


Parental/Guardian Involvement:

The RSE programme acknowledges parents/guardians as the primary educators of their children. Parents/guardians will have access to resource materials.  Opportunities will be afforded to parents/guardians to engage with their children on the content at various stages throughout the programme.  Each theme will have worksheet activities, home school links etc. that invites the participation of parents.


The section on sex education, changes from boy to man / girl to woman and puberty will be covered by a trained facilitator, during fifth and sixth class. This will be facilitated through the Busy Bodies Programme (HSE) during school hours. Parents will be notified and will receive the Busy Bodies Booklet and DVD in advance.


Parents of children enrolling in the school are given the opportunity to decide whether or not they are prepared to accept their children’s participation in the RSE Programme at school.


This RSE policy includes provision for the rights of those who wish to withdraw their children from certain parts of the RSE programme.

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